Saturday, July 20, 2019

Meet my dorky dog Miya, Reddit! 🤣❤️ via /r/dogpictures

Happy adoptaversary my Charlie via /r/dogpictures

I can’t think of a title. via /r/dogpictures

Help! Ever since I bailed my dog out of the dog pound he won't stop bringing females into my house and he keeps telling me he can get me a quarter brick for "one fiddy". Is it a phase or is it time for an intervention? via /r/dogpictures

Happy Gotcha Day to my sweet Ellie Bellie! Our first year flew by via /r/dogpictures

Beyond heartbroken, we lost our beautiful Clare Belle today 💔😭 via /r/dogpictures

Nap time with his piggy 💖 via /r/dogpictures