Saturday, June 24, 2017

Obie just...being Obie via /r/dogpictures

My baby is growing up fast via /r/dogpictures

This is Jake, my best friend. Rescued at 6 weeks old, has never left my side in 8 years. The gentle, goofy mind of pit bull with the energy and sharp intuition of heeler. I wasn't ready for either of those breeds, but to have the best of both - truly, a one of a kind dog. He is a person. My friend via /r/dogpictures

My best friend in the entire world. via /r/dogpictures

I wasn't getting my deposit back anyway via /r/dogpictures

Lucy in true basset hound form, having a sniff. via /r/dogpictures

Before telling her that she's beautiful. After telling her that she's beautiful. via /r/dogpictures