Monday, January 22, 2018

This is my dude. He's healthy and doesn't do a whole lot of noteworthy quirky stuff, but he's been a solid friend for almost 10 years now and I thought this was a cool picture of him. via /r/dogpictures

Winnie loves getting her picture taken! via /r/dogpictures

My German Shepherd may not be a man-eater, but he sure is a lady killer. Look at that wink! via /r/dogpictures

Had to say goodbye to the best boy I could have ever asked for yesterday. 12 fantastic years of derps, bleps, and cuddles. via /r/dogpictures

My good boy enjoying a rock by the river via /r/dogpictures

Was looking at adoptable dogs in my area when I found this cute boy. He needs to sit like this during meals due to a preexisting condition he has called megaesophagus via /r/dogpictures

been really missing this guy lately via /r/dogpictures